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The Advantages of Being Trained in FileMaker Pro Database
The FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro have a new version for Mac and Windows. The FileMaker 16 version of the FileMaker Pro Database comes with several new features and improvements that fix some previous issues and fill in some annoying gaps, related to integrating with online services.
FileMaker is both a database engine and a database app development tool that allows its users to create complex layouts with scripts, conditions and triggers for multiple device types and screen sizes. In order to get exactly the on-screen arrangement desired, FileMaker gives the possibility of nesting one object inside another.
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With the new Layout Objects palette in layout mode it becomes easier to manage all those layouts. Layouts with a lot of nested elements are easier to be navigated with the searchable navigation list. The FileMaker 16 version also makes it easier working with group of objects. Changes can be made now without the need to ungroup objects first.
FileMaker allows users to arrange objects in layers, giving plenty of options for layout. Users can now hide objects from the Layout Objects list on layers above and below the object they want to work with. That way it is becoming easier to edit the right object without the need to move things out of the way.
The iOS tool that turns A FileMaker database turns into a mobile app when users are designing layouts for FileMaker Go. You can write scripts that allow you to control transitions and animations in your layout. You can also have more control over signatures in your app. In order to fit in better with your design, you can show the signature field as an overlay window or an embedded box on your layout.

iBeacons are already supported by FileMaker Go apps but, as a user walked around, in previous versions you couldn't automatically look for new beacons. Now a step to the script can be added in order to listen for new beacons coming into range. Geofencing is also supported by this new region monitoring, so apps can be built for a specific location like a warehouse or store.
The browser-based equivalent of Go called FileMaker WebDirect allows now using a database additional resources at the same time by multiple users (up to 500 users). A cloud version hosted on AWS is also available. That makes it easier to customize to mobile devices some small businesses database apps. Another important feature is FileMaker finally allows app developers to connect to REST APIs and parse standard JSON data objects from almost any API.
It is easy now to create a Web Data Connector in order to bring in data visualizations and charts from the Tableau system. Web developers can now use with FileMaker Oauth identity providers such as Azure AD. The new version of the FileMaker Pro Database comes with new security options to protect data. Among these new security options is including encryption at rest and in motion.
An easy way to learn how to design and build custom apps with FileMaker 16 is with the help of FileMaker Pro training videos. The FileMaker Database Video training walks users throughout the essential skills within FileMaker Pro. The video training covers a variety of topics, from designed layouts to creating tables and fields. It also shows users how to diagram relationships, create reports, find and sort data, write scripts, import and export data and more. The FileMaker Database Video training helps beginner developers to start learning how to build their first custom app from scratch.
Among topics included in FileMaker Pro training videos are the following:
Creating relationships in FileMaker
Getting going with starter solutions
Using layouts for designing user interfaces
Defining fields
Finding and sorting data
Working with records
Understanding calculations
Building reports
What's new in FileMaker version 16
Automating using Scripts

FileMaker allows developers to create business database applications. On addition to its original purpose, the software added in recent years some features that allow developers to turn databases into mobile apps. The interface is a good combination of capability for professional developers and approachability for power users. The FileMaker 16 release comes with a solid mix of new mobile tools, developer productivity improvements, and better integration with other online services. There are many advantages of being trained in FileMaker Pro Database and video training is the most convenient way to achieve that.
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